Fly Amero



My name is Fly Amero.   Known primarily as a singer, songwriter and lefty-upside down guitarist, I’ve toured the world with various artists over the course of my career, including decades with the classic American pop group, Orleans ("Still The One" / "Dance With Me").

I also have a long history as an acoustic solo and blues/pop performer, having written and released a few CDs of my own in these formats… Beautiful World, Fly Solo and Paint It Blue, plus an EP titled, “Fly Amero: at Christmastime.”   Three of my Christmas songs are featured on Orleans’ latest holiday album release, New Star Shining.

Many people also associate me with my comedy background, which includes, among other things, writing for New York’s ABC Radio, and a longstanding writing partnership with deejay and Radio Hall of Fame inductee, Bob Rivers.   All of which led to Twisted Tunes, the co-creation of “Bob Rivers Comedy Corp,” and the ultimate release of our Atlantic Records gold holiday classic... Twisted Christmas, with its hilarious worldwide hit, The 12 Pains of Christmas.

A few years (and ‘Twisted’ sequels) later, you'll still find me doing funny songs.   Let's face it... I'm a grown-up kid.   Check the latest of these, my Nashville production titled, Cracked Country Christmas.   Songs from this and all other releases can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify… most all online distributors.

Please feel free to drop in on my Facebook page... or even send an email just to say hello!

As always, I look forward to seeing you at a show soon. ~ Fly